Light Angel ™

Light Angel is the easy-to-install, motion activated wireless LED light that's perfect for outdoors and indoors! Light Angel's weather resistant adhesive sticks to practically anything, making it the perfect motion sensor light for porches, patios, pools, docks and more. The secret is Light Angel's technologically advanced motion detector that automatically activates the light whenever a human, pet or automobile crosses its path. Light Angel is like a guardian angel for your home that lights up the way for you, your family and friends. Light Angel even tilts and swivels 360 degrees so you have the perfect amount of LED light where you need it! Use it by the front door, back door or as a garage light. Or take the Light Angel motion sensor light indoors to brighten up closets, under the sink or tight spaces. Best of all, Light angel's 7 LED bulbs will stay bright for 100,000 hours! Light Angel uses 4 double AA batteries, sticks up with no tools, and turns off after 60 seconds.

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Light Angel
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