Lint Lizard™

With the Lint Lizard, you can reach right into your dryer and clear the dryer clogging lint at its source! Just attach the Lint Lizard to the end of your vacuum, and its built-in fan nozzle reaches easily into your lint catcher and even your dryer vent outside. This keeps your dryer free of lint maximizes energy efficiency, saving you money. The Deluxe Lint Lizard is distinguished by its stylish platinum design and extended 3 year warranty. With your Deluxe Lint Lizard package, you will get 2 Lint Lizards and you will also receive the Dust Lizard - it attaches to any vacuum, adjusts to any position and cleans places your vacuum cannot.

2 Deluxe Lint Lizards & Dust Lizard
Lint Lizard
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